nepal tenders

  • Nepal Agricultural Research Council

    Notice For Intent Of Acceptance Of Bids Published On 2073/10/05 By Nepal Agricultural Research Council

  • Everest Bank Limited

    Invitation Of Sealed Proposal For Buildings In Rental By Everest Bank Limited

  • Gujesore Merchant Banking and Finance Ltd.

    Notice Of Sealed Tender For Sales Of Vehicles By Gujesore Merchant Banking And Finance Ltd.


    Request For Proposal For Providing Various Services By SHOPS PLUS

  • Shikhar Insurance Company Limited

    Notice Of Sealed Quotation For Printing Works By Shikhar Insurance Company Limited

  • Shree Singhabahini Engineering Works and Energy Pvt.Ltd.

    Invitation Of Sealed Bids For Supply Of Construction Materials And Civil Construction Works By Shree Singhabahini Engineering Works And Energy Pvt.Ltd.